Gine Coaching®. More than just a method.. It’s a project!

Wondering why I call my coaching method Gine Coaching®? Well, in accompanying the women, who decide to work with me, I integrate the action-oriented coaching approach to the awareness of the cyclicity that governs all of us women.

This is in line with my personal growth project as a “cyclical woman who loves action”. For this reason, Gine Coaching® is not only an approach but also a project. And so, every woman who commits to do coaching with me automatically becomes an active part of a larger project of change… one woman at a time.

As part of this project, I welcome, in individual paths, women feeling a strong drive to transform their lives, taking their dreams out of the drawer, making them evolve into a vision, and then turning them into reality. That can of course be on both professional or personal levels.

We women are cyclical, and governed by the phases of the moon, far beyond having a womb and a more or less regular menstrual cycle. As such, we live in continuous transition between four phases in which we are moved by so many different energies that make us look and feel like four different women:

– from a phase of crescent moon (spring .. pre-ovulation) in which we feel youthful, dynamic and inspired (“action”);

– to the following full moon phase (summer … ovulation), in which our capacity to stay, to care for, support and enrich (“relationship”) is manifested;

– then to the waning moon (autumn .. pre-menstruation) in which creativity and a greater awareness of ourselves emerge, together with the powerful inner energies that stimulate us to withdraw from the world, (“selection”);

– and finally to the last phase of the new moon (winter .. menstruation), the phase of the “wise woman”, in which the physical energies are directed to our inner world and our introspective capacity prevails (“revision”).

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